5 big struggles of a Stay at Home Mom

Struggles of being a mom

1. Comparing ourselves with others.

Some times we try our hardest and it never seems to amount to our internal standard charts. Why cant we catch up run run run. There is however SOMETIMES a little tick in time when the kids are sleeping, you have your things in a row and start to feel good about yourself. You glance around all eery like ‘What…?’ *cricket cricket* its so quiet… YES! You take a big breath, smile and sit down on the couch (for the whole 5 minutes you are able) and you browse facebook. There it is. The catch. You see other women. Do you ever compare yourself with Candis Perfectbody? Or how about Ashley Awesomekids? OH and how about that Kim AmazingMarriage?! Lets not forget about Meg OrganicFamily!

Why should we not compare ourselves with others?

Have you done this? Then you are NORMAL. Its perfectly natural to look at a beautifully done up photo and assume that their lives are bliss. Thats because you arent there. Candis Perfectbodys house might be a disgusting nightmare. Ashley Awesomekids kids throw tantrums just like yours and mine. Kim AmazingMarriage just got in a huge fight with her spouse last night. Oh! Meg OrganicFamily just took her kids to Mcdonalds. All very normal things to do but from the photos that were posted you would assume they never would do that! Social media has made it so easy to make things look better then what they really are. Maybe we are a victim of trying to do that? Also totally normal. Instead of comparing yourself with them, just admire their effort in getting the decent photo and keep smiling.

2. Time management.

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Between trying to get your baby to sleep through the night and making sure your toddler gets her vitamins and pees on the toilet, you probably forgot the toilet hasnt been cleaned in a month right? When is the last time you had 10 minutes alone with your husband? Ugh out of milk again! Should probably write our a thorough grocery list next time. Also, you havent texted back your best friend in over a week about your late dinner plans. Remember? You read it and then your 2 y/o threw a toy at the flat screen? yeah… How many of you have a hard time trying to balance your life out?

3. Finding helpful advice about raising your kids.

Not educated or strong opinionated advice. Dont get me wrong…I like when my pediatrician tells me the logics of how I should be putting my baby down awake as a newborn to help her sleep yada yada. What I LOVE even more is how right after she tells me what she did and how she rocked her baby to sleep until she was 2 and bed-shared! I want to hear what everyone else did in real life. Forget the freakin books! Everyone is different but hearing everyones success storys might help you decide what you are going to try. Lets share experiences in a non-judgemental tone. We are all imperfect so lets have a good laugh together in the trial and error.

4. Needing Adult human interaction.

I remember when my oldest was born (now 2 years old) my husband would walk in from work I would flood him with thoughts and feelings. He would be so tired he would just pretend he was listening to not hurt my feelings. Poor guy! I remember my mom spending hours on the phone and now I know why! We NEED to talk with other adults. Could you imagine how Tom Hanks felt on Cast away? Yeah sure we talk to our infant as if they were Wilson.

5.  Mom Anxiety.

We have heard about postpartum depression, but not much about postpartum anxiety. Have you experienced it? I felt it when I was wearing my first born in my wrap as she screamed (colic child) while I nervously paced the grocery aisle trying to figure out what to get for the week. Some days (okay most days) I would leave forgetting a VERY imortant item that was written on the list. Thats right. I was so anxious that I read it but it didnt hit my brain! Is this person looking at me? I bet they think Im on drugs. SHE ROLLED HER EYES AT ME! Im never going out in public again. All these feelings are from postpartum anxiety.

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