5 fool proof ways to battle The Common Cold

Remedies for the common cold

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It’s fall! Am I the only one who LOVES getting in a warm comfy sweater? Each time the leaves start to change I love it. But there is one thing that makes my stomach sink a little with each beautiful scenery…The dreaded winter. And even worse… what else is coming is…flu/cold Season. SIGH! Big ole sigh… Im sorry I said it. But its true. Its coming my friends ugh…  It is my very favorite time of year but I swear the second it gets into the rainy season part my family instantly get sick!

The Sick Season

We know why it happens. School starts up and we all get cooped inside a but more then we did a month ago. Germs start to spread like wild fire and soon enough we hear that poor molly lou has the flu…

Then you remember your daughter drank out of her drink yesterday. UGH. *face-palm*

Each time we get to this season we get sick. I have found myself crawling back to the same home remedies that I have tried and have been successful. If you take your kids to the doctor when they have a cold all you hear is there’s no medicine for it and it just has to heal itself on its own and keep humidifiers going and other things too. This is true.

That is totally fine… Except its not fine but you have to accept that your poor sweeties will be night waking with the cough and feeling blue. You will get no sleep (Did you get any anyways?) and your kids will be extra cranky… Thats right. Even more then usual. UGH UGH UGH…

I like to take extra measures when my kids are sick. I’m a little overprotective and I try to keep things healthy in this house to the best of my ability. Yes even not leaving house LOL .

How to treat a cold

So how else can you treat a cold naturally? Here is a few things that I do to treat colds and flu’s in this house that have been successful in easing our symptoms and helping us get it over with quicker and painlessly. The bigger picture is to keep everything loose and running until it passes. If things get dry then you’ll get congested and bigger things can develop. Soothing a sore throat is very important as well.

1. Breathe essential oil

My favorite go-to when I need my congestion to break up. This will simply keep things running too. I sometimes just smell it for fun because it smells sooooo good!

Doterra is so awesome for the way they offer a few products to distribute this. One is with a stick that you can rub on your chest and back, I find this most helpful with my children because it’s easy to put on not runny and doesn’t get all over their clothes. How I apply the Breathe essential oil is diluting it with Olive Oil and rubbing on the chest and back and feet and cover with socks.

For a baby/Toddler

Use the stick or I recommend 1 tsp of Olive Oil with 1-2 drops of raw breathe oil and this can be used on their chest, back and feet. MAKE SURE to cover with socks so they do not get the oil in their mouth. Do this before bed time too especially.

For an Adult

Similarly to the child’s mixture but create a bigger amount. You have bigger areas to cover. Try 1 tsp 2 drops for your chest area then 1-2 drop each foot diluted.



On guard essential oil has been my go-to for immunity health for years. The moment I see my kids are showing cold symptoms everybody in the entire house gets On Guard rubbed on their feet. I want to make sure that JUUUUST in case not everybody gets the cold and they don’t catch any other viruses while their immune system‘s are down. Unfortunately when you have sick kids you still have to go grocery shopping (Which is why I also bring my sanitize spray) and you are exposed to a bunch of other things. I apply it to their feet and then put socks on. The one I linked is already diluted and easy to use. The sanitizing spray I feel very confident to use on my girls safely. Plus my oldest is a thumb sucker so EEKK direct germs in the mouth.

As an adult I take 2 drops in a shot glass of water and gargle it if I have a sore throat.

Everything gets sprayed down with the On Guard cleaning agent too. I feel safe enough to use it around my kids, on their toys and I know it kills our sick germs.


3. Onions

First, I buy a bag of onions and each night I cut up one onion and split it between my girls and lay them in a Tupperware container open by their bedside. The wives tale about this is that the onion actually sucks the bad bacteria out of the air so you don’t have to breathe in there for cleaning out your system.

Second, is it keeps your sinuses running and clear from their fragrance. Both I found to be effective in true in the magic of onions. And whether it’s one or the other it helps my family kick a cold FAST.



4. Humidifiers

I diffuse breathe oil or lavender or eucalyptus in my humidifier‘s or diffuser throughout the house. It keeps everything moist and keeps things from turning into infections and drying up inside their little bodies. It gets dry when you run the furnace and that is a big no no when battling the cold.


5. Comfort food

We make a pot of chicken noodle soup. See my post on easy chicken soup! It’s easy to go down. Its nice and warm for a sickness and it lasts for a couple days. Ive heard a few claim its a clinically proven reason that chicken soup is good for the cold but I am not aware of the reasoning behind it. Do you know? Leave me a comment!

Stay warm and Enjoy Fall!

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