5 MUST haves for Stay at home Moms

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1. Baby carrier

Are baby carriers safe for newborns? Are baby carriers bad for babies? Which baby carrier is best?

Yes, no and there are a few kinds of carriers. I love baby carriers for an infinite amount of reasons. Colic, taking care of multiple children, traveling/functions, and running errands like grocery shopping. The baby can take a nap in it no problem! Its just like being in the womb again for them. Finally something to make our lives a smudge easier. Plus the intimacy you feel with your little one when you are chest to chest… EEEK its the best! I love that feeling. There are some inexpensive ones and some that are a little more pricey. All function well but you will find you get what you pay for. I will help you decide which one is the best for you. For instance…

The Moby wrap.

Its inexpensive and works great especially if you are a beginner. However, You cannot back-carry with one and in my experience they dont work well with older children. They are stretchy and flexible and great for your tiny newborn but they sag and have too much give for a 1 year old. Like I said though before, it gets the job done and it doesnt cost much. Its good to start out with and gets you familiar with carrying. If you like using the moby you will LOVE to use the following carriers. –> Moby Wrap

The Ergo Carrier.

I LOVE the ergo carriers. I have SO many reasons for this. My husband can keep his masculinity (I still think hes sexy with a wrap on but he refuses) while carrying my toddler on his back or my 6 month old on the front. It is made with high quality material so it doesnt stretch or give too much depending on the babys weight but it form fits to there shape. They usually come with pouches to carry snacks or pacifiers too. They are extra secure with buckles so that you will feel safe hiking a mountain with your little one on your back. We take this carrier with us in the van (yep we are those parents with an Odyssey!) because you never know where you are going to stop and take a little walk. –> Ergo carrier

The Ring sling.

When I had my second born I was equiped with a ring sling from a previous anniversary gift. There is a bit of a learning curve but its so handy to use! Definitely quicker then a wrap or the Ergo. Definitely used this multiple times a day for the first few months! They can be made from different materials but the one my husband bought me was a woven cotton material. You can carry a newborn on the front or a 6 month old on your hip. The kicker is this is more for around the house chores or light reaching in the grocery store type carrier. So if you arent planning to hike a mountain or running a marathon any time soon this is Your Carrier! Its not as secure feeling as a wrap or carrier but It folds up so small and you can put it right in your bag. The tail helps you with privacy when breast feeding if you feel the inclination to cover up. When at the fair this year, my 2 year old was getting tired of walking and I threw her in it on my hip! It grows with your child and you dont have to upsize at all as you would with the moby. –>Ring Sling

The Woven wrap.

This one is by far my most used carrier. Its the same concept as a moby wrap but its woven cotton or sometimes made of linen or silk. The difference is AMAZING! It form fits to both your bodys and keeps its tight position. I wore my first colicy baby EVERYWHERE in one. Hiking, grocery shopping, events, around the house, and sometimes in the water. We walked every day multiple times per day during the summer (colic really really sucks). You will have to learn how to wrap but trust me once do it a few times you will LOVE it! The beauty of this carrier is that it doesnt have a limit on your childs age/development. When he gets older you can do a hip carry or a back carry. There are SO many how-to videos on different carrys. Heres one closest to mine –>Woven wrap


2. The Instant pot

“Whats all the freakin rage about this Instant pot? Ive never even heard of such a thing! All my friends are geekin out about it!” – Me one year ago.
Do you ever carry on through your day and realize about 4:00 you have nothing thawed for dinner? Do you hate how long it takes to steam veggies on the stove? Have you ever wanted to slow cook but it to go really fast? How about perfectly cooked food each time? Succulent pressure cooked meat with out the need of baby sitting the pressure needle.Maybe you like to can your own veggies or make your own yogurt? (yes isnt that freakin awesome?) How about the hassle of multipot clean up ugh. If you answered yes to even just one of these questions you need an instant pot my friend. I didnt have one when I had my first baby but by the time my second born came around I had one and let me tell you. ITS A LIFE SAVER! I cant tell you how much I use this thing. When I learned how to use it It opened so much more time! You throw things in it and walk away. No baby sitting. No making sure your toddler wasnt near the stove/oven. One pot clean up?! Its incredible… you push the button. It starts.. then you walk away from it. HOW could this be? I must be kidding right? Nope. I am not lying. It opened new doors for play time with my kids or other house work. I showed me the healthy combos you can achieve by steaming multiple veggies. Dont even get me started on how you can do a faux-tisserie chicken in it! NO OVEN REQUIRED! Listen…just go get one. Your a stay at home wife/mom…you need all the sanity you can save! –> The Instant Pot

3. The Shark Vacuum cleaner

Im not a dyson vs shark person or hoover vs dirtdevil. I will tell you this though…I use to clean about 25 homes in rotaton and they each had different vacuums. The one I finally fell in love with was The Shark. This thing WORKS like nothing I have used before. Its light weight but its a TANK of a machine. They come with all sorts of warrentees and they have a lifetime suction guarantee. My house has 3 different types of flooring. Tile, hardwood and carpet. My favorite feature of the Shark is the easy switch from hard floors to carpet to area rug setting all by the side of a notch. Theres no taking it apart or attaching other pieces when changing rooms which saves a TON of time. When you are a mom like me you need something thats going to be fast, efficient, and easy. This thing is more efficient then the dyson I used at the other cleaning job and everyone says dyson is the best. Not to me. The suction is unreal! No double going over things because its got it the first time. The one I have is the Pet rotator because we have animals. OH! One last feature! It has this bright bright light on the end for when youre doing hardwood and need to see all the little hairs your furry friends leave. I could go on forever about this vacuum. –>Shark Vacuum

4. On guard Cleaner

You know what I cant stand? Lugging multiple stinkin chemical bottles around the entire stinkin house to different areas because you have to use different stinkin things for different stinkin places. Oh and when you have kids and they think its so neat to put their mouths on them? HOW ABOUT NO NO no! Thats a bunch of No’s for me dawg. I want to be able to use ONE cleaner in each area of my house and keep it safe! Pretty please with Moscato on top!
Thats when I found the onguard cleaner. The best feature of this cleaning concentrate is that you can use it ANYWHERE in the house. It has instructions on the back on how to dilute for each area. Also, what I LOVE is how I dont have to worry about toxic chemicals. I can use this around my kids (no I dont spray it on them) or when pregnant (no I dont drink it either) because its made from natural essential oils and the clean aroma is natural. No stinging harshness from this item! It is a germ killer too so when everyone gets sick I already have a go-to item. (this and the actual raw Onguard essential oil will get diffused in the air to cleanse.) I clean their high chairs, toys, surfaces they touch and the list goes on. On the back it shows a few things other people may use them for. The smell is AMAZING oh my. Its like a lovely cinnamon-y lemon-y freshness. All you have to do it get a few empty spray bottles and dilute with water and label for each area. For us we have one for the bathroom, kitchen then when I clean the floor with it I use a bucket. Its changed my life. Im a stay at home mom. Cleaning is something that never ends and this bottle goes a LONG ways for your money. –>On Guard cleaner

5. A Lovely night gown with a Robe

You get spit up, food flung, poop, peed, and drooled on all day. When you finally get the kids to sleep the last thing you want to do is be in a raggy T-shirt to feel less of yourself (although I will admit I have those days I dont give a crap Im too tired to care) . You want to have just a little feeling of your clean feminine ways at least for a little while. I slightly feel like a princess when I wake up in the middle of the night and I slip on my light pink smooth robe and walk to my 8 month olds room to nurse her. I suppose this is more of an inner satisfaction that you havent let yourself go completely. I have found this to be a MUST have if you want to not lose it randomly in the week. Think of it as your little splurge to top off the day with. Get in your nice comfy PJs and grab a nice cup of smooth move tea (lets face it. Nobodys regular after kids.) and sit in a chair, close your eyes and hear the nothing and escape for a moment.
I picture myself in a bungalow in bora bora and theres water flowing beneath my floor boards. The moon is positively gorgeous and all you hear is the ocean waves lightly trickling. You and your soft and silk night gown feel the warm breeze. Breathe in and out…Smile and exhale…but dont open your eyes…just feel it. Breathe in and breathe out.
Lost myself there for a moment! Whew! What was I talking about again? Oh yeah. Heres the pjs I wear. –> Kathy Ireland Sleep wear and using that link I see they have more and I think Im going to add a few to my cart..hehe! They are so so so soft and I love the way I feel when I wear them. Im a bit of a pj freak. Everyone has their little thing that makes them FLIP when they find something new. Some peoples are records or jewelry. Mine is Pjs hehe.

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