5 Ways to Increase your Milk Supply Naturally

5 Ways To Increase Your Milk Supply Naturally

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How do you produce more breast milk?

There are a few things you can do to establish and increase your breast milk supply. Your doctor will tell you to let the baby suckle often and this is great advice. The longer your baby suckles the more he/she is making your body go “Hey! A little help down here? The demand is getting stronger and we need more to satisfy the customer! Come on we dont have all day! They`re getting pushy.”

The sucky (pun not intended) thing is that it doesnt always just take off the next day. Every body is different and not everyone will just produce 8 extra oz the next day. Maybe you’re wondering if your supply is actually coming in or not? HELP is what your baby is saying every time he wants mommas milky. “Help me mommy I want more milky to make my tummy feel better!” (try and imagine they are saying that instead of screaming your ears off. Easier said then done) So your mother instincts kick in and you want to do everything you can to make sure your milk is set in stone or coming in at higher volumes. What extra can you do?

What foods help produce breast milk?

The answer is all foods actually contribute to breast milk production. Although, A mothers healthy diet is crucial for a healthy functioning body. Try and stick to your fruits, veggies and lean proteins. My favorite snack was this Trail Mix oooo so good. Its full of peanuts and raisins and is easy to get to when you are strapped down on the couch with nothing but an end table by you. Anything that required more than one hand was a “forget it!” for me dog Lol

1. Mothers Milk Tea

I started using this 3 weeks after my oldest was born and was not gaining (actually she was losing. Story for another time! I sooooo regret not having this ASAP) and it helped in the first day. I could feel my breasts harden with a full hearty supply. I was seriously prepared this time around and I drank this tea 2-3 times a day the moment my second daughter was born and I had zero problems with milk supply. It was my first item in my hospital bag and the nurses were a blast and brought me hot water for it!I was bound and determined to get it down!

2. Fennel Essential oil

I used a fennel essential oil for my second born and I make it in a balm for all my friend moms and their baby showers. I put 2 drops under my tongue 3 times a day in the hospital until my milk CAME IN. In caps because when your milk comes in (the not colostrum part) you FEEL IT. Ouchy. Even if you have a c-section and the delay for milk to come in could be 5-10 days… you feel it COME IN. Also you can dilute it and rub it all around your milk glands and chest. Avoid the nipples because baby will not like it. So click the link above to see what I bought.

3. Pumping Breast milk

If your little one is fussy and doesnt want to suckle on an empty breast, dont fret my fellow suffering mom. You can tell the hubby or Grandma to come give the munchin some formula (no they wont die from a little bit of it) while you pump (to imitate the sucking). They recommend 15-20 minutes of stimulation high speed pumping for this. I know that is a lot of time but you’re trying so hard momma! Dont give up! It will happen! Your baby will thank you for it later. This is my Breast pump
and I bought Medela Bottles so if I did pump a decent amount I could warm it up and feed it to her fast.

4. Brewers Yeast for boosting milk supply

No judgement here. Dont judge me. Dont judge others who have done it. Judgement free zone. While you’re cooped up for a few weeks after birth and not allowed to drive use it to your advantage. Have a beer. Have a beer when you start a nursing session. Have one before bed. Have one when you feel over-whelmed. The common belief is that brewers yeast helps your supply. This may be true but a known fact by doctors is that relaxing is proven to work in helping milk production and allowing for an easier let-down. Lets call having a beer productive in 3 ways then 😉 Go grab a Papst but drink responsibly… 😉

5. Breast massage

Grab some Coconut oil and knead away. This stimulates blood flood in turn can help loosen your milk ducks making it easier for milk to flow. I personally used the fennel oil listed above and diluted it with Olive oil but a lot of essential oil users advise Fractionated Coconut oil instead. Honestly olive oil was my favorite because vitamin E was something I desired to sink back into my body after a baby to tighten my skin. (Another story for later!)


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