About me

“Hey yo whats yooooo its time for the Shawn-eo show”- The romeo show theme song. Didnt you watch that when you were younger?

Anyways, no show but heres me. Im Shawna. I am 24 and I am a stay at home mom with 2 under 2. I enjoy real life humor, baby-wearing, very strong coffee, homeopathic remedies and home-making.

Some Interesting things about me

  • Me and my husband naturally entertain our guests by bickering like 80 year olds
  • I am the oldest of 3 siblings
  • I enjoy cloth diapering my two girls
  • I have 2 under 2 (yay me!)
  • Im a struggling plant-based lifestyler
  • I love all things oldies/hippie/stoner music plus eminem (He is his own genre. Dont get me started! LOL)
  • My family is a bunch of compulsive quoters (there is currently no medication for this)
  • My life is a Seinfeld episode

Like sands through the hour glass…these are the days of our lives…

In high school I got A LOT of laughs when I refused college and pursuing a career to pursue my passion for Stay at home mommin. “Got no hubby and you got no job then you got no babies…and there you are” – The real version of Bust a move

In 2011, my graduating year something magical happened. Shawna (me) met Michael (hubby) and they fell in love and got married 2 years later at the ripe ole age of 20 and 21. 

   <– *DROOLS*                                   

He knew from the first week of dating that my goal in life was to be a SAHM. He was so supportive of that. My actual words were “Im sorry but if you dont want kids this isnt going to work.” LOL! I had some things I wanted first though. To attain these goals optimally I wanted a home and yard in the peace and quiet. I didnt want to have to make a newborn miserable with moving around and we HATED renting. That fall we bought our first very humble home with good bones. We worked our butts off at fixing it up (with the loving help of my carpenter father) 

2 years later I gave birth to my gorgeous daughter Evelyn Joy and 18 months later along came our amazingly gorgeous daughter Cecilia Jane! “Well that escalated quickly!” I often get told. They are so right and I am so blessed! Evelyn had Colic and Cecilia was normal. 

Why I decided to start this blog

After I became a mother I had an array of emotions about EVERYTHING! No not just the hormones. The anxiety, lack of confidence, the balancing cleaning, relationships, how to raise my baby right and everything that surrounds you being a new mother had me scraping to the internet for answers and those who shared my feelings.

Thats when I became curious about mom blogging. I followed a lot of moms who were down to earth and knew what I was going through! I wasnt alone? WHO KNEW! It was amazing.

I got amazing tips from loving mom bloggers that saved my sanity, had me laughing until I cried, and entertained me during nursing sessions in the night. After things got a little easier with my babies I realized I wanted to help other moms the way these women helped me. I will be sharing the kind of things I searched for and my own personal experiences attached. Lets get through motherhood together.

In 5 years I hope to be sitting on my deck (its not there yet), drinking a glorious mojito, in the peace and quiet with my thoughts as the sun goes down. Feeling complete and whole because I have done my job. Taking life one dirty diaper at a time.