Fun with Chalk Board paint!

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It is winter time up here in norther Michigan! That means a lot of staying inside and tv. Except I don’t want to be a tv zombie so I’ve decided this winter we are going to do projects while the baby sleeps! My toddler is extra happy about this where as she LOVES to color. So we decided to start having some fun with paints.

But not just any paints… Chalk Board paint. This paint I love so much! It’s thick and you can use it on multiple surfaces like glass, wood, metal… pretty much anything!

Here’s some things we did with the chalk paint!



I never claim to be a calligrapher of any sorts LOL but this was one of my favorite and most functional areas for it. I hate buying calendars. I don’t know why but I cannot bring myself to buy one! So I always printed them out. Well now… BAM I have one on my pantry! I can wash it right off for the next month too! Also- my husbands communication skills are a big whopping 0 so this helped break that barrier of “when are we doing this?” Lol plus on the other side I write some cute inspirational quotes to help inspire healthy habits.


Recently we had created a play room for my girls and I’ve been struggling with my non-creative side for a long time. Instead of going out and buying things I wanted to personalize it because it is THEIR play room. So while Ceci napped (yay teething ugh)  me and Evy had fun with cardboard! She colored it with her crayons and I used this adorable cloud stencil to make clouds on the letter! I painted around the clouds with the chalk board paint.


My husband recently built them a toy box and I thought of doing this with the lid! So when I feel like working on our alphabet or want to draw an illustrative photo I just draw it on this with regular side walk chalk. I bought this bundle of chalk for all of our activities.


So what I plan on doing with this piece is getting a few more tin cans and painting on them a little patch so I can write on them “chalk” and “crayons”. More of an organization idea for the play room. On the sill it will be sitting on I used those cloud stencils again and plan on writing “Inspire” or something slightly corny on it.


I was able to label my windowsill herb garden

I received this free kids table from a kindergarten class that was throwing it out. I thought I could do something creative with it for my girls playroom. So I chalkboard painted the top and let the girls paint on the chairs. OK, it was mostly Evelyn. But nonetheless it made an excellent chalk board table so they could color on that instead of paper or the walls LOL!  I love the way sidewalk chalk washes off of everything with water.

Check out my other article on a super fun toddler activity to do with just plain ole sidewalk chalk!

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