Gardening for Beginners

Gardening for Beginners

  • Whether you are looking to do flower beds, make a complete botanical garden, or harvest your own veggies there is one very important thing you need to know how to do. How to Garden. Plants filter the air, bare you fruitage, make your property gorgeous and simply bring complete happiness to life.
  • My whole life growing up we have had gardens ranging from veggies to gorgeous botanicals to any sorts of trees our region has to offer. My mother was ALWAYS out in her flower garden. My dad loved his veggie garden. I remember canning tomatoes with my grandma who always has a gorgeous vegetable garden (she also has WICKED GORGEOUS flower beds.) Its safe to say Everyone in my family has gardened and it was always apart of my life from day one.

What is Gardening?

  • The activity of tending and cultivating a garden, especially as a pastime.
  • Great thing about it is you do NOT need a bunch of space to garden.

How to get started Gardening

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You will need these things to start your gardening. You will need them no matter what type of gardening you plan on doing.

Tips for Success in Gardening

  • Start Simple and small. You do not want to get over-whelmed and everything die.
  • DO NOT OVER-WATER PLANTS! Do as the directions say on the seeds.
  • Be patient.
  • If you are planting flower beds research the requirements for the plants to thrive.

Common Questions/FAQ About Gardening

Do you need a farm to garden?

Do gardens take a lot of work?

  • Depends on how big your garden is and how many plants you decide to cultivate. If you have a window sill herb garden you will only have to water your plants. If its bigger its more work. It pays off though!

Can you have a successful garden when you have children?

  • ABSOLUTELY! Being outside and safely showing your kids from a very young age is a good way to get them engaged with productivity. I gardened with my colicky newborn in my wrap outside. I use to haul my 2 under 2 outside, lay a blanket under the tree or sometimes put the crawler in a little outdoor pen.

What kind of seeds should I buy?

  • This is a tough thing to answer. I will relay my experiences with the different brands of seeds. I use to think “the cheaper-the better” because in fact seeds are seeds. HOW WRONG I was! There are seeds you can buy that are still inexpensive, but not the cheapest that genuinely WORK! Burpee. All things Burpee. Forget the stupid off brand 10 cents a pack thing, they do not work.

Do I need a Green House?

  • No. If you want to start your plants early you can do them just as productively indoors. However if you are starting seeds early and do not have room inside, this might be a good idea if you decide you like gardening.

Can you be gone a lot and still have a nice garden?

  • There are ways around it but I highly recommend maintaining your garden minimally once a week. Some plants require more maintenance then others but for the most part (unless you are having a drought) you can get by with once a week.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Gardening

  • It single handedly is one of the greatest feelings when your seedlings spout.
  • You can absolutely have a garden and have children (even a newborn)

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