How to make your own Bone Broth

My Home made bone broth!

So, I made a long video showing you step by step how to do it. I felt confident, I felt amazing and I go to watch it and I feel like an idiot LOL. Searching for inner peace is an on-going goal of my own. That and not giving a shit about what others think. One at a time now! Lol

What you need to make bone broth


1 Whole chicken CarcassĀ 
2 TB. Himalayan Pink salt
1/4 c. Apple cider vinegar with the mother
A big crock pot, instant pot, or Boiling pot


-Make sure to de-meat the carcass. There for making it a carcass type.
-Put carcass in pot, instant pot, or crock pot.
-Add enough water to completely submerge the bones by 2 inches.
-Add salt and vinegar
-Turn stove/crock pot on a low simmer for 48 hours
*Instant pot on Soup & Stew for about 4 hours then leave on the keep warm setting for about 12 hours

And when its all done you can take a strainer and big bowl and dump the chicken carcass into the strainer while over the bowl to catch the broth. I use an OXO brand my husband got me for our anniversary. Because you can refrigerate the broth for weeks or store in the freezer for months to years its so practical. It goes amazing in soups, stews, and pastas.

a screen shot of my bowl and strainer. Also pictured my stupid face smh

I use a chicken carcass from Save a-lot because usually about once a month I do a whole chicken dinner and have bones left over. I have found you get the richest bone leeching from a whole carcass but many fellow healers, pioneer women, and cooks use regular chicken bones from any part of the body.

What are the benefits of Bone Broth?

My Favorite naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist did a gorgeous segment on how to make bone broths and the benefits from it. She makes it clear to use an organic chicken carcass and I am sure its much better. However, because we are a one small seasonal income family and its not available to us. Go check her out! My friends and family swear this broth heals them. (I make a pot of soup each time my loved ones are sick)

And most favorite part about making this is the fact I don’t have to go and spend $3+ and its available to me in my freezer at any time! Also because I live in the great north where you have to travel 30+ minutes to get to the nearest grocery store. Even then, is it that amazing of quality? Definitely not like the stuff you are about to make! šŸ˜‰

Here are some of my recipes that I use my bone broth in!

Chicken Soup

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