My Birth Story

“We have a bun in the oven!” Look at those well rested faces!

To be honest my first pregnancy story is unusually awful. So please do not get worried that this could happen to you.

I had a few conditions. Polyhydramnios which means I had an excessive amount of water around my baby. Like a LOT! Then having this condition threw me into preclampsia, which has a number of symptoms varying from high blood pressure (very dangerous when pregnant)and excessive swelling.

My baby had only One kidney

Further figuring out that my baby having one kidney did contribute. When a baby has one kidney they filter through amniotic fluid slower, there for, almost creating a backed up (or excessive) amount in Utero. This effects 1-2% of women when pregnant.


On my due date.

Now you may think as every pregnant woman does, I HAVE THAT! You are constantly monitoring yourself like the amazing woman you are trying to already give your baby the best. While, this condition happens…Its rare. Sister look, you definitely do have a lot of water in there. There is no doubt in my mind you’re not in pain and feeling so heavy because that is what it is at this time. But this condition is more so about measurements and how much space is around your baby in the womb. Mine was 28 cm some odd like that. They deem polyhydramnios after 21 cm of space around the baby.

It was simply awful. Words cannot describe how horrible.

Anywho, I was sent from hospital to hospital because I was considered “High risk” and here in northern Michigan hospitals that take high risk are hard to come by. I was 2 weeks over due and I finally ended up at one 1 1/2 hour away to be induced. I was on the drip, they broke my water after 12 hours, I got in all the positions they recommend. The ball, walking, hands and knees, back of a chair and finally was able to dilate to a 9 at 36 hours.

Instead of getting the doctor because I was ready to push they told me to lay back down and get some rest. Although in crazy pain, I laid down and slept. I had not slept that whole time in the hospital.

48 hours of pain

I was awaken by the door opening and seeing a young doctor walk in. Whistling. WHAT THE! Wish I could be whistling. My body was so ungodly swollen I couldnt get out of my bed. My downstairs was hurting SOOOO badly and I was drenched in greasy sweat from in fact LABORING.
“Am I going to be able to push now?” he looked at me all confused with this question he asked the nurse how dilated I was. When she said 9 he yelled “Why isnt this woman being tended to!?” and he checked me.
“You have swollen so badly you went back down to 7. We are going to have to perform a c-section.”

I was so crazy relieved that SOMETHING was finally going to be done. They got me all done up and took me in and sliced me open. They brought my 9lbs 10oz princess into the world. As im looking at my (now 2 1/2 year old) daughter I remember all the misery but not at one given moment would I take it back. I wish I could change it, sure. Had a normal smoother pregnancy and had a better story.

My second pregnancy was that. Very smooth. Very normal. Of course, It ended in another c-section by scheduled. But I was not over-due. I was not in any pain (aside the c-section scar) and I knew exactly what to expect. I was in my local hospital where they babied me (pun) and had the sweetest nurses EVER! They made having a baby so enjoyable. I talked so highly of how great it was my best friend said “So it is something you’d like to do on your weekends!” LOL

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