Surviving the first 3 months with a Newborn

Surviving 0-3 Months of age


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Lets talk about this for real. Yes, Its beautiful…

The feeling of holding your newborn in your arms after a long long delivery is magical. There is nothing like it in the whole world. The nurses are lovely help in the hospital. You have people visiting to hold the new baby. People bring you food and help when the baby starts to cry.

…Then that 2nd day (if everything goes well) rolls around and you feel better and you prepare for leaving the hospital. Some want to stay in the hospital as long as possible but I was eager to get home with my kids. We wanted to start our routine and move on. Get away from the delivery part. I missed my bed and Pjs. So staying 2 days was enough for me! 

The first time around its a little scary Im not going to lie. I shook with anxiety the whole time I was wheeled through the hospital knowing that there would be no more help. How could they let me take a baby home?! Im not a professional! Its exactly like that episode from the office when Jim and Pam were scared to go home. Off we went…and she screamed the whole time we were being wheeled…and the whole hour and a half it took to get home. She was fed, changed and napped. Crying just happens when they’re new.

When you get home from the hospital

It feels SO good to get home. A breath of fresh air. You bring the baby in the car seat in, introduce her to the animals and you take her out.

Remember this if not anything else, ALL BABYS CRY. There is not one baby in the whole world that hasnt cried. Do not beat yourself up when your baby cries. You are not alone. It will torture your soul and make you shiver. The way its suppose to be!

“Mommy! Mommy! Im hungry. Im tired. My butt is wet and squishy. The lights are too bright. The dog is too loud and he scared me. Im cold.”

Sincerely, Newborn baby

Why is my baby crying?

There was a book I read before my second was born. I WISH I would have read this before my first born but I thought I was a genius and had all the answers. HAHA Im a fool I want to beat my younger self.

Its called Happiest Baby on the block. I encourage you to go read it before you have your baby or during those long nursing sessions with your newborn. It talks into ways to help your crying baby and especially if they have colic.

Again I wish I would have read this before ugh. This would have been so helpful with my colicky first born.

See how I conquered Colic HERE!

  1. Hungry
    If you are breast feeding no doubt you will be getting the nippy call often and this is totally normal. My first born called for the ta-tas every 30-45 minutes at first. Our second born was a lot easier because I established my supply securely in the hospital. This early on most of the crying will be because the poor baby is hungry.
    See how I boosted and established GREAT milk supply here!
  2. Sleepy
    The Swaddle
    This is a very common deal for newborns. Here is the ones I used –> My swaddle. It imitates the womb and the tighter you go they love it. I mean thinking about it, they just spent 9 months nuzzled in your comfy mom belly and then they were forced out. Wouldnt you be cranky if you were ripped out of your bed in the middle of your rest and made uncomfortable?

My oldest didnt get swaddled from lack of knowledge and I regret it. Our second LOVED swaddling. She would get all wrapped up and I would bounce her on the birthing ball and in a matter of minutes she would be out (even with my crazy 18 month old yelling). I swaddled her until she was 4 months old!
The Baby wrap
My favorite one I used for my colicy baby. If you have more then one little this one is a MUST! It enables you to do your housework and care for other children while holding your precious baby. If your baby has colic, this is an absolute MUST! 

Baby have Colic? I offer emotional support through This Letter.

3. Diaper change
Self explained. Change the poopy. The peepee. They are sensitive to it. Some more then others. With my kids In the middle of the night I would nurse them on one side, change diaper, and nurse the other side to pro-long night time sleep.


In the first 3 months of life generally these are the only things that could be wrong with baby (unless your baby has a health condition) therefore undergoing the need to cry. Shes trying to let you know some thing is in need of your attention.

Getting enough sleep


Is my baby getting enough sleep?

The most important thing about these first few months is assuring you and baby are getting enough sleep and getting enough to EAT. Sleep is so vital for function and your baby needs it to grow.

They will generally be sleeping from 4-7 hours during the day at this point. Its very important to your babies development that you help them sleep as much as possible in this period. 

But of course its tricky because each child is different. Some will need more sleep and some will need less. You will be in tune to your baby and their needs the more you get to know them. 

In this stage you should be working on establishing a night time routine even if they do not sleep much in the night yet. They need to start putting it together “OH bath time and lotion rub down? We are winding down for bed soon.”

During the day make sure when they have awake time that they are apart of your day in the light. Give them some tummy time. Let them gaze around from the baby mushroom chair. They will start to differ day and night eventually thus leading to the amazing nights sleep you’ll soon have and NEED.


Is my baby getting enough to eat?


Your baby will only be eating breast milk or formula at this time. How can you tell if they are eating enough?

One very accurate way to tell is by routine check-ups and enough wet/soiled diapers. At 0-3 months of age your baby should be going through about 8-10 diapers a day. 

The goal for weight gain is doubled their weight by 6 months old. As long as your baby is gaining weight you are in the clear but this is more important then it seems. Gaining weight and gaining fat is a necessity for brain development and over all health.


Why does my baby have a skin rash?


There are a few things that can contribute to having a little or major rash on your baby. Be sure to consult with your doctor as well. 

For me it was DIET. Unfortunately.

My oldest was intolerant to Dairy. She would break out all over her body from the teeny tiny little itty bitty bits that passed through my breast milk.

Not only did this intolerance give her colic, but it made her have red bumps EVERYWHERE on her body and in turn her skin dry out and flake constantly.

For most people it is the laundry soap they’re using or the lotion or baby wash. Heck, some babies even break out just by being held by a person who had a different laundry soap on their clothes. 

Try changing your diet or laundry soap. I ended up using Arm and Hammer Sensitive. Here are the most common culprits for skin rashes.

  • Dairy Intolerance
  • Coffee
  • Scented Lotions
  • Fabric softener
  • Non-sensitive detergent


What you ACTUALLY need for a baby


My favorite Items

  1. The Rock n Play
    Oh boy my girls slept in this for the first 5-6 months of their lives. Its graced me with hours of sleep (which is generally rare in this stage) and it was next to my bed side. You can buy them self-rocking and manual rocking. I recommend the self rocking. LIFE SAVER and I know at least 3 other moms in my pool that would swear by them.
  2. White noise machine or fan
    My sister in-law has this White Noise Machine
    I use this fan
    If you went and bought that book I recommend you will know exactly why this is vital as well. We always slept with a fan and so do my babies. The science behind it is simply imitating the womb.
  3. Lavender Essential oil
    This single handedly was the most used product in my house. I made a balm with Coconut oil and rubbed my sweet sweet baby down with it every evening after bath to promote sleep. This was diffused every night with the door closed to lock in the scent. I must say, having it around so much eased my new-mom postpartum-anxiety issues too! Still to this day when I smell it I think of my beautiful newborn babies lulling away.

Some Items that I found beneficial for this time period only 

A Portable bed

When I had my second child this was so beneficial simply for the fact that I needed her to be where I could see her and my toddler at the same time. My toddler was not to be trusted alone so putting the baby to sleep in another room wasn’t an option. This solved that completely.

Wipey Warmer

When the baby is new they are so sensitive to everything including the cold. Even the slightest temp change could set them off. I loved my wipey warmer for this very reason. Never a cold bottom.

The Bare Necessities

Bare necessities the simple bare necessities. Da da da da… Mother natures recipes… boop bee doo doop.


I used Cloth and Disposables.

–>My Cloths<–

–>My Disposables<–

Interested in cloth? Check out this post to start!


Onesies (for a summer baby)

Onesies (for a winter baby)


For summer I recommend the night gowns

For winter I recommend the Footie fleece sleepers


Health care supplies

-booger sucker

-Shampoo & Baby Wash


-Soft wash cloth

-Baby Bath

The nights are long…but the years are short. Try not to get consumed with negative thinking and comparing yourself to others.

Yes all this crying gets actually so annoying after awhile but when they are 2 running around playing by themselves you’ll reflect on videos of them when they were babies and get a little smudge of butterfly’s in your stomach. Remembering the newness, the sweet smells, and the endless cuddles you had. You are doing a great job!

Your survival

Wine. Wine. Beer. Beer.

When you have a moment to breathe, sleep, or eat? Do it.

Need help? Ask for it. Take it one hour at a time…



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