The Complete Product list for Surviving 0-3 months with a Baby

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The Complete Product list for surviving 0-3 months with a baby

Im not a fan of promoting random objects. In fact it turns me off 110% about some bloggers. SO! I will share with you personally some of my photos proving these are all things I use with my babies.

Some I obviously cant prove but trust me on this, I was the minimalist momma and now Im the survival momma LOL (I had 2 under 2)

A huge part of me at my baby shower though was like “OKAY so what do I keep around for this stage??” Heres a big helper list.

All these things you can have sent right to you or the person who has a newborns door. WHO WANTS TO LEAVE THE FREAKIN HOUSE WITH A NEWBORN!? Nobody. Thats who. Subscribing to Amazon prime was the best thing I have ever done for my sanity.

What are the Necessities for a newborn?


White noise Machine or Fan
Rock n’ play
Crib/Crib sheets/Crib Mattress
Baby Chamomile tea
Lavender Essential oil (Sleep promotion)
Swaddle/Sleep Sack

Literally my routine with my newborns for bed time consisted of ALL these things. My first born slept in the Rock n play until she was 5 months old but my second born wanted her crib rather. So that is why I linked both.

Chamomile tea being this is what my Pediatrician recommended for my colicky baby
–> My post about how I conquered colic here<–


I’ve narrowed it down to gender neutral things because what I had bought was in hopes my second born would be a boy. (whoops. not yet..) But even gender neutral things are extra adorable and useful!


Short sleeve onesies
Cotton sleepers –> OMG LOOK AT THESE CUTE ONES!<— omg baby fever again oh no.


Long sleeve onesies
Cute warm Blankets <– OMG im dying over here these are TOO stinkin cute!
Soft hat
-Soft Gloves
Fleece Footsie sleepers

Special Laundry soap for sensitive skin

I used Arm & Hammer it was cheapest and it did the job well!


All of these are size 1 and a one month supply. If ordering for a friend I suggest buying a 1 month supply in 2 sizes. 

If you want very very pure diapers try cloth or 7th generation. (Not a one month supply)

If you are interested in cloth check out my beautiful post on How to Start using Cloth Diapers

If you want a middle range good quality decent price try Pampers Baby Dry

If you want the cheapest you can buy Try Huggies snug and dry and they are pretty decent quality.

Wipes. <– Get a $2 off coupon on these with your first order! I loved these wipes. In fact I have to order more after this post.


During this stage they will be only eating Breast milk or Formula.

I personally breast fed both my kids but my first one got BM in a bottle around 6 months old and my go to was Munchkin Latch.

My baby went so smoothly from breast to bottle around this age.

If you are going from breast to bottle or just simply planning on bottle feeding these are the ones for you!

What Kind of breast pump should I buy?


breast pump for when you want your hubby to have some bonding time and you some rest time is so needed! I used this one when I wanted to boost my supply and when I needed to be away for a hair appointment or anything!

Interested in boosting your milk supply? Check out my Article about How I boosted my milk supply naturally! 

Comforting agents!

I asked moms which Pacifiers are best (Neither of mine took them unfortunately)
These are the most popular rated and in real life experiences.
-Loveys (Now my kids are addicted to their loveys!)
The silky softness of these enraptures my kids little calming emotion.

I recommend DEEPLY that you buy one that could be easily replaced. We have lost them on more than one, two and three occasions YIKES. That was a nightmare.

Travel & Gear

Infant seat


Diaper Bag

Bumbo Seat

Mushroom Chair

Baby carrier 


Diaper rash cream


Coconut oil 

Shampoo & Baby wash

Baby bath

Booger Sucker Thingy

In this stage of life newborns do only a few things. Eat. Sleep. Poop. They will cry each time they need any of these things. 

Want the Complete guide to Surviving the newborn stage? Click on this link and pin it!

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