The Parenting Guide for Beginners

  • We have to do it to continue the population. Plus it is extremely fun and fulfilling!
  • I have 2 girlies about 18 months apart. I’ve battled with all the countless things that they do NOT give you in the parenting manual such as PP anxiety, all the decisions about health you have to make, punishment techniques, you name it! More importantly I have dealt with the extremes that parenting has to offer such as health issues (kidney disease), colic and other scares!

What is Parenting?

  • Parenting is the act of raising your children in a way of your choosing. You should be making their best interests at heart for them and their well-being.
  • Parenting is not a walk in the park. It is single-handedly the hardest yet the most important thing you will EVER do with your life. You are raising someone who will eventually become a member of society and help develop the world with proceeding generations. How you raise your child will impact you, them, and LOTS of other peoples lives. Talk about pressure, eh?

How to get started with Parenting

Tips for Success in Parenting

  • Successful parenting can happen as long as you put work into it. If its easy peasey lemon squeezey you are not doing it right. You will get as much success out of parenting with how much effort you put into it.
  • Make other parent friends.
  • Get them outside.
  • Create memories with them and never regret any of it!
  • Stay consistent with your kids.
  • Put down the phone and spend quality time with them doing your utmost to teach them life skills.

Common Questions/FAQ About Parenting

Are you tired?

  • Hahaha. Oh boy this is tough. The newborn stage is tiring beyond belief. Frequent feedings, all though the night up, it gets better. Fast. If you are tired, you are doing something RIGHT! All your energy is going to taking care of your baby.

Do you get lonely?

  • So so lonely. My life and heart are so full but I lack communication with other adults. My biggest piece of advice is to find your mom tribe and make time for your friends. Check out my post on the struggles of being a stay at home mom.

How do you stay balanced with house work and play time?

  • I have very helpful tools to make my life easier and and cleaning schedule that is just literally my sanity saver. In the beginning it felt like I was cleaning everything non-stop. I got so consumed in cleaning that I felt like I wasnt playing with my babies and then when I played with my babies I felt like I should be cleaning. It was horrible.

How was breast feeding?

  • Well, each child breast feeding was different. If you truly want success in breast feeding it does take a lot of effort. Some it takes less effort but with my second child I was bound and determined to make it happen. To see my secrets of breast feeding click on this link. Short paragraph answer

What is the hardest part of parenting?

What kind of things can you do with your kids?

  • Creating memories is one of the funnest things you can do! I love going camping with my kids and little activities that inspire imagination. Also though- I love watching cartoons and eating chips and popcorn. Blanket forts and sleep overs in the living room. Gardening is another way you can get your kids outside enjoying the sunshine and dirt.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Parenting

  • Every day gets a little easier. It does not mean there wont be bad days but you will get stronger. The newborn stage is hardest in my opinion but each person/child is different. Its so important to get help from family when you feel like you need a break. There is nothing like a little re-charge.
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